APiC RT series
Parts and option

Chest Stand :

- Counter balance sliding monement of the carriage.
- For easy and smooth movement.
- Cassette tray 17" x 17" plated steel eith lock.
- Grid 103 line 8:1 ratio.
T.V Chain:

- Image intensifier 9" (or 6" on requist).
- CCD camera with cable to monitor attached.
- Monitor with last image store (16 images optional).

Digital Floroscopy:

- Is compatable with APiC systems.
- No films , No Cassettes or Plates.
Bucky :

- Bucky motor (optional) inside cassette tray.

Tubes :

- We offer a wide range of quality X-Ray tubes for most applications.

Collimator :

- Maual or Automatic (optional) , Indication light with automatic shutt-off.

Cables :

- High Voltage Cables are terminaled with small diameter terminals at each end.
- Ground assemblies are standard.

Grid :

- Quality images are achieved through the use of aluminum interspaced and lead strips which are precisely miled to unifomity.

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