About us

About us

APiC is the leading OEM in the field of imaging equipment in Egypt. The name APiC TM since 2001, was established as result of collaboration of Arab co. for drug industries and medical appliance ACDIMA (2001-2012) with the project Founder Dr, Tarek Abdalla.

All over the period of experience gained from the starting till now-time, APiC met the expectations of physicians and healthcare professionals with its products and technological breakthroughs. APiC's service and support successfully maintained to up-to-date product safety and performance standards.

APiC manufacturing, assembling and after sales services comply with ISO 13485:2020 ensure high quality products & services.


APiC is dedicated to providing reliable, efficient, and innovative solutions for medical imaging professionals. And to increase the diagnostic capabilities of the imaging equipment and healthcare community.


APiC is the pioneer OEM in Egyptian and African market, and it’s aspirations are unlimited to reach the best in the field through continuous research and development of its products. APiC believe in its part in the resuscitation of the medical devices industry in Egypt through its knowledge and experience.


ISO 13485:2020